Roads and Highway Design

12d Model’s design option is the smarter solution for the design, modification and maintenance of Road and Highway projects.

Enjoy advanced 3D tools to design local and major roads, intersections, roundabouts, highways, interchanges and much more.

Detail road Design    
Design any type of thoroughfare from pedestrian walkways to rural roads, highways and motorways. 
Road alignments utilise both IP and Element design. Templates and modifiers provide string based design with the flexibility to modify crossfall, width, height and superelevation properties.
Various tools are available to use predetermined design components, ‘design speed standards’ and enable automatic update if one or more of the alignments changes.

Visualisation and presentation
The 3-D design is automatically/continuously created and can be viewed at any stage of the design process to provide instant real life representation of the project. This is enhanced by:

  • the automatic application of textures to the design surface triangulation
  • the draping of aerial photography on existing surfaces
  • addition of features such as guardrails, line marking, street lighting, barriers, vehicles, trees and houses
  • walk and drive through the design with options to record the drive as a movie to share with clients and other stakeholders.

Project documentation 
Automate the production of reports and drawings (plans, cross-sections and long-sections) and reduce drafting times.