12d Model is a complete surveying package providing the tools to manage all facets of surveyed data including LIDAR, topographical, as-built, conformance, traversing, geodetics, data mapping, labelling and much more.

The Survey module is the ‘Best in Class’ tool for the topographic, cadastral or engineering surveyor who demands better productivity while downloading, checking and editing field information.

12d Survey allows direct upload and download to all major surveying instruments.

Users are able to reduce survey data, apply adjustments and transformations, create and label subdivision (estate) lots, create traverse spreadsheets, and create and upload set out data.

The highest standards for management and manipulation for the surveyor’s co-ordinate systems are available to users through 12d Model Survey.

Manage, manipulate and move survey data to position within local and global systems.

  • Handle complex networks and adjustments using 12d Model’s traverse editor.
  • Adjustment method options – Transit, Bowditch, Crandall, Compass or Least Squares.
  • Utilise solar and star reductions without requiring almanac details.
  • Geodetic interactive reporting of longitude and latitude, easting and northing, projection bearing and distance, and ellipsoid distance. Full geodetic calculations.
  • Zone to Zone and general conversions between Latitude/Longitude and Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) projections, Transverse Mercator and most other projections.
  • Global transformation methods – affine, 2D and 3D Helmert, seven parameters and NTv2 Grids. These include converting between different co-ordinates systems all over the global.
  • Elevation (height) adjustments including a simple constant, user defined planes or different surfaces

12d Model keeps track of all of the raw data that is captured by the survey instrument and this can be downloaded at any point in time. This is especially useful to either comply with or exceed regulatory standards relating to data auditing.

12d Model keeps track of SDR edits and formats for users so that authorities have a complete record of where the data came from.

12d Field includes two key features: Setout and Pickup.

12d Field has been developed to enable surveyors and engineers to use both GNSS and Total Stations with the same software that is used in the office to design and finalise projects.

12d Field Setout has been developed to enable surveyors and engineers to set out (using both GPS and TPS instruments) for construction projects.